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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Exactly 7 days from today will be my last day of work at my current job, 8 days from today I’ll pack up my life and 9 days from today I will be back living in Texas!
That's right, I'm coming home!

It’s been right at a year since I left home for Alabama.  I had absolutely no intention of ever moving back to Texas, definitely never back to The Woodlands where I grew up, but God had other plans.  Of course I was very vocal with my “Never moving back to Texas” speeches so now I’m having to eat crow… that’s just one of the lessons I’ve learned from my year down South.  It’s been a great adventure and I absolutely love the beautiful Alabama outdoors.  Hiking Oak Mountain with my pup, kayaking on the weekends and watching fire flies at Caldwell Park are just a few of the wonderful memories I’ll be bringing back with me.

The number one thing that I will miss the most about Alabama are the beautiful, amazing, kind, smart, funny and genuine ladies of Delta Gamma at the University of Montevallo.  Advising them during recruitment and continuing our friendships since have been the main sources of my happiness in the past year.  To any of you Zeta Nus who may be reading this- I love each one of you and am so blessed that you came into my life.  I expect you all to keep being okay with having an old grandma as a friend and keep me up-to-date on the new lingo (i.e. ratchet).  If you’re ever in Texas and I find out you didn’t contact me I will punish you by calling/snapchatting you daily and shouting door songs at you.

So, I’ll tell you why I’ve decided to move home.  Apart from my job turning out to not be what I was expecting it to be and my ghetto apartment situation, I miss my people.  Like, I knew that I would miss everyone (we’ve actually done an exceptional job of keeping in touch) but this is an ache that only feels better when I’m home visiting.  I’ve made some new friends here in Birmingham but none of them come close to what I left behind.  No one makes my sides hurt from laughing like Emily.  No one is as easy to talk to as Jenny.  No one gives better hugs than Alyssa.  No one loves all the same things as I do like Patton.  No one is as honest with me as Chelsea.  No one knows me better than Alli.  And no one listens like Mommy.  These are tried and true facts that aren’t going to change no matter how many new people I meet.  Why didn’t anyone slap me upside the head and explain this to me before I moved?!  Oh, and don’t even get me started on my niece!!  My brother and sister-in-law had to go and have the. most. adorable baby girl on the planet and since I’m 800 miles away, I miss everything!  When she's older and I need to guilt her into hanging out with me I'm going to use this excuse.  "I dropped everything and moved back to Texas for you! Now grab that N'SYNC cd, get in the car and let's go mall walking!"

I don’t exactly have a job lined up yet.  Until that happens my plan is to just to decompress, workout like a boss, and figure out what my next step should be.  I’ve been battling with the idea of going back to school to get my MBA for a few years now and with my parents moving to Argentina again this fall, it kind of feels like I should start that ball rolling again.  Who knows though… I’m so indecisive that a slight breeze could stop that ball from rolling next week. 

Anyways that’s my big announcement!  I gave it a year but Alabama just isn’t for me.  I’m ready to come home to Texas where the people are friendlier, Mexican food is king and I won’t have to hear “Roll Tide Roll” but on a few rare occasions.


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  1. So glad you are coming back to Texas! I don't exactly get much of a choice on where I live for the next 10 years, but I would chooses Texas through and through if I did. No place like home!

    XOXO & ITB