Habitat for Humanity Kauai Trip- Day 6

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 6
Half day of work today then a Luau tonight to celebrate New Years Eve!  Despite it only being a half day, today was the hardest day of work that I’ve done yet.  Today a small group of us volunteered (we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into) to put up a dust fence.  Kauai Habitat is about to break ground on a housing development of 107 affordable habitat homes.  A whole neighborhood of habitat homes! How wonderful!  The dust fence is up so that none of the gunk from the construction bothers the homes that already exist.
Sure, the work was difficult but it was made even more difficult because things weren’t exactly organized for us to get started work right away.  Once we finally got started working it was a lot of hammering, lifting, weed wacking, digging and so much more.  This fence is HUGE! Luckily we had a tall guy with us on our team so he got up on the scaffolding and did the initial hammering  to that the fabric was tacked at least to the very top of the fence.  In our safety lesson we learned that you aren’t supposed to move scaffolding with someone on it so with each board that he hammered in place he had to climb back down and move the scaffolding another 5 feet.  Still doesn’t sound that hard? Well, moving the scaffolding was just about as easy as pulling a donkey who has decided he doesn’t want to move.

Once the top was in place we had to go back and put smaller pieces on all of the vertical and horizontal cross bars so that the fabric would stay in place when the wind blows.  Problem with that is that the wind was already blowing! It was whipping all over the place and made it really annoying to pull taught and hold in place long enough for someone to hammer.  I’m so short I had to wait until we got down to the bottom section before I could shine.  I only hammered my thumb once!  It was a doozey though and the bruise is just barely still visible.
We stopped for lunch then went back to work until 3:30pm.  Only half of the fence got finished so we’ll have to come back sometime next week I guess.  I liked being out in the sun because the weather was so beautiful!  But that Kauai sun got real hot real fast.

The Luau we went to was at Smith’s Kauai, a little family owned place that boasts the title “Best Luau on the Island”.  I’ve been a luau before with my family on Oahu so this part wasn’t as exciting for me as some of the other people on our team.  And the fact that I’m a vegetarian now made this luau even less exciting.  I knew exactly how incredibly delicious that Kalua pork was going to taste.  They had really good fish though and the traditional Hawaiian macaroni salad was just as yummy as I remembered.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many luaus I see it’s the people you go with who make it fun and I was there with a very fun bunch.  It was one of our team member’s birthday that day so we had fun embarrassing her- made her wear a happy birthday crown all day, even to the work site.  And another brave team member went up on the stage to learn the hulu when they asked for volunteers! Seriously, she’s awesome… I NEVER would have been able to do that!  After we were all stuffed and sufficiently Mai Tai’ed we headed to the entertainment part of the night.  I loooove this part! The dudes with the fire are the best of course.  Since the show lasted so long we were able to celebrate the New Year in all 3 time zones that the team was from.  At 9pm, 10pm and 11pm we all clinked glasses and cheered so loud everyone around us turned and gave us stink eyes.  They were just jealous they weren’t in our crew.

I’m not sure any of us actually made it to midnight our time… once we got home everyone passed out pretty quick.  Tomorrow we’re off for New Year’s Day!  I think our team leader has a fun day of hiking and kayaking planned for us!  I’m really excited about that because I haven’t been able to go kayaking in a long time and you know I always love a good hike.

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!


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