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Friday, April 11, 2014

Just another reason to go to Iceland, apparently I love the musicians they breed. Like 4 of my favorite bands are from there.


There's no place like home

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Exactly 7 days from today will be my last day of work at my current job, 8 days from today I’ll pack up my life and 9 days from today I will be back living in Texas!
That's right, I'm coming home!

It’s been right at a year since I left home for Alabama.  I had absolutely no intention of ever moving back to Texas, definitely never back to The Woodlands where I grew up, but God had other plans.  Of course I was very vocal with my “Never moving back to Texas” speeches so now I’m having to eat crow… that’s just one of the lessons I’ve learned from my year down South.  It’s been a great adventure and I absolutely love the beautiful Alabama outdoors.  Hiking Oak Mountain with my pup, kayaking on the weekends and watching fire flies at Caldwell Park are just a few of the wonderful memories I’ll be bringing back with me.

The number one thing that I will miss the most about Alabama are the beautiful, amazing, kind, smart, funny and genuine ladies of Delta Gamma at the University of Montevallo.  Advising them during recruitment and continuing our friendships since have been the main sources of my happiness in the past year.  To any of you Zeta Nus who may be reading this- I love each one of you and am so blessed that you came into my life.  I expect you all to keep being okay with having an old grandma as a friend and keep me up-to-date on the new lingo (i.e. ratchet).  If you’re ever in Texas and I find out you didn’t contact me I will punish you by calling/snapchatting you daily and shouting door songs at you.

So, I’ll tell you why I’ve decided to move home.  Apart from my job turning out to not be what I was expecting it to be and my ghetto apartment situation, I miss my people.  Like, I knew that I would miss everyone (we’ve actually done an exceptional job of keeping in touch) but this is an ache that only feels better when I’m home visiting.  I’ve made some new friends here in Birmingham but none of them come close to what I left behind.  No one makes my sides hurt from laughing like Emily.  No one is as easy to talk to as Jenny.  No one gives better hugs than Alyssa.  No one loves all the same things as I do like Patton.  No one is as honest with me as Chelsea.  No one knows me better than Alli.  And no one listens like Mommy.  These are tried and true facts that aren’t going to change no matter how many new people I meet.  Why didn’t anyone slap me upside the head and explain this to me before I moved?!  Oh, and don’t even get me started on my niece!!  My brother and sister-in-law had to go and have the. most. adorable baby girl on the planet and since I’m 800 miles away, I miss everything!  When she's older and I need to guilt her into hanging out with me I'm going to use this excuse.  "I dropped everything and moved back to Texas for you! Now grab that N'SYNC cd, get in the car and let's go mall walking!"

I don’t exactly have a job lined up yet.  Until that happens my plan is to just to decompress, workout like a boss, and figure out what my next step should be.  I’ve been battling with the idea of going back to school to get my MBA for a few years now and with my parents moving to Argentina again this fall, it kind of feels like I should start that ball rolling again.  Who knows though… I’m so indecisive that a slight breeze could stop that ball from rolling next week. 

Anyways that’s my big announcement!  I gave it a year but Alabama just isn’t for me.  I’m ready to come home to Texas where the people are friendlier, Mexican food is king and I won’t have to hear “Roll Tide Roll” but on a few rare occasions.


Song of the Day

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I haven't pre-ordered an album in a really long time but I did just that last night for Sam Smith's new album.  He performed on SNL beautifully this past weekend so be sure to watch those videos too.


Swing and a miss

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Confession:  I hate baseball.  I was going to talk about this yesterday but seeing as it was Opening Day, I decided I’d be kind and not crap on the sport on it’s holiday. 

Seriously though, baseball?! Ugh.  I've recently realized that there are 4 types of baseball fans (during a season):
  1. Diehard fans who annoy the crap out of you with too many statistics and speak a foreign language consisting primarily of abbreviations, acronyms and last names
  2. Good-time fans who claim to like baseball but really don’t care about the game- they just like an excuse to sit, drink beer and eat hot dogs with friends
  3. Casual fans who watch baseball as a filler until other (cough cough, better) sports start again in the fall
  4. Non-fans who are honest with the world and admit that they have zero interest in baseball
I’m sure I’ve already upset a bunch of people but if you simmer down and really think about it… I believe you’ll find that I’m telling the truth.
There's actually a big baseball presence in Birmingham because, frankly, that’s all there is to do here once college football is over.  We have a feeder team for the White Sox here who are apparently pretty good so every weekend during the summer is all about baseball.  With Opening Day coming up, I decided to ask some of my neighbors and coworkers questions about baseball to test my “4 types of baseball fans” theory.  Most of them are #2, Good-time fans who just like to go to the stadium and sit around drinking beer from a 54 oz. plastic cup.  A few of the guys were #3, Casual fans, who are even trying their luck at a baseball fantasy league this season but they weren’t too excited about it.  I could tell they weren’t too excited because while we were talking about baseball they got sidetracked with asking me about Aggie Football which then segued into a discussion about how much I love Aggie Basketball which then led to a discussion about March Madness and the Final 4.  Then we left and completely forgot the conversation started with baseball.  That's all I need to prove my theory so now I'll explain my top 2 reasons for thinking baseball is THE WORST.

1. Each team plays about 162 games in a season… 162 games?!!  Are you kidding me?  How can I care about each game when I know there are literally hundreds more to go until teams start getting knocked out of the competition?!  Last season I tried to just hop in halfway through but I got bored after 2 games and gave up.  I know I have friends who complain to me about basketball seasons being too long but I checked… basketball season is about 80 games, then the playoff games add to that.  So the final 2 teams would play about 110 games, a lot less than 162.

2. In addition to how many games there are, baseball games are waaaaaaay too long!  Depending on where in the season the game is, 9 innings takes an average of 2 hours and 52 minutes.  Oh. My. Gosh.  And I know football games can be just as long now thanks to commercial time outs and replays and injuries but it’s the pace that makes football games move so much faster than baseball games. Plus they do stuff during the breaks to keep us entertained.  Maybe baseball teams should get cheerleaders or dance teams?

I could go on about the dipping, weight issues, off- field injuries, the ridiculous rules that are way to complex and change between American and National leagues, the fact that players can’t be freely substituted, designated and pinch hitters, and more as further explanation but I think reasons 1 and 2 above speak for themselves.  Good Lord baseball is boring.  An old roommate of mine once dated a guy who played in the minors and even he admitted that he could barely sit through a game he wasn’t playing in!

Phew. I’m glad that’s out there.  I know my feelings are not going to be popular with some of you but that’s okay… I’m sure you could take down my favorite sports just as easily.  There could be some pretty simple changes to baseball that would make me like it but that’s not going to happen so I’ll just have to ignore ESPN for a few months as I always do during the summer. 


Namaste y'all!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The moment I got off the plane from Hawaii after my last Habitat trip, I was already thinking of where I’d go next. Many of my fellow builders had done previous Global Habitat builds so I had happily spent nights listening to them tell stories of their travels (while secretly imagining if I could’ve handled that location). When I got back home the first thing I did was research Habitat trips to the places my new friends had mentioned- places like El Salvador, Alaska, Fiji and some remote areas in Africa. All of them were exciting but I know myself and I don’t think I could go to any of those places alone! Even Hawaii was a stretch for me despite the fact that I knew I wasn’t really alone since my G-parents were on the island over. With all that in mind, I resigned myself to waiting a bit and trying to recruit one of my new building buddies to go with me on another trip later this year.

Like 2 days later one of my favorite people from the Hawaii trip sent out a message saying that she was planning on leading a trip to Nepal later this year and that we should all consider going (because we’re a ridiculously fun group- be jeal). Without hesitating I replied “Yes!” I think she thought I was kidding but little did she know that a few weeks later, a month and half after we left our first build together, I’d be signed up on her team!

Does God know what he’s doing or what? I wanted to go on another trip but didn’t want to go alone and then- voila! Natalie, the team lead, is seriously the best. She actually works for Habitat International so she definitely has the same heart for helping families achieve affordable, decent housing as I do. Plus she’s a riot. My sides literally hurt from laughing whenever she's around. And she’s equally as obsessed with her puppy as I am with mine!

After I initially said yes to the trip, Nat started sending me info on this build because it isn’t just any ole Habitat build- it’s a special “Big build” where hundreds of volunteers from various countries will come together to build at least 100 homes in a week. No, that’s not a typo- 100 homes in 1 week! The project is in the village of Jaymangala, Chitwan district. The standard of living in Jaymangala is low and houses are not very well maintained. Most houses have thatched roofs, a few roofs are made of tin sheets, with walls made of tight bamboo framework and a mud mixture. Many homes are just a single room, with some extending to 3 rooms. The village has access to electricity and roads with a public water tap used by everyone.
About Nepal

Nepal is located in the Himalayas and bordered to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India. The country is home to 8 of the world’s 14 highest peaks, including Mount Everest. The nation’s capital and largest metropolis is Kathmandu.

The country is also one of the world’s poorest with around 40% of its population living below the poverty line. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, providing a livelihood for the majority of Nepalese. Industry is primarily agriculture related. In 2013, Nepal actually ranked 157th on the Human Development Index and is one of the least developed nations in the entire world. Being underdeveloped does make the country one full of rich, natural, untouched beauty that has made it one a top travel destination for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Nepal is the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha Gautam, who later became known as Buddha. However the majority of Nepalis are Hindu, with a smaller population of Buddhists.

Have I mentioned how excited I am?! I have SO much more information, because well- you know me...  In fact, I’m planning on either going a few days early or a staying a few days longer to see more of the sights. I mean, come on, how many times am I going to be in Nepal?!

I’ll probably be blogging about this trip a lot over the next few months so that I can keep all of you as excited as I am! Plus, you know I’ll be writing and taking lots of pictures while I’m there. The thing is I need your help to get there! The cost of this trip is almost double what my last Habitat trip was, and I am NOT flying standby to Nepal so I’ll be purchasing an airline ticket myself. The funds that you donate are entirely tax deductible and primarily go to help purchase supplies we’ll need to build. Please click this link below to visit my fundraising page! Thank you all for your support!

Bida paau (No idea how to pronounce it but it means “Goodbye” and I’m trying to practice)


Song of the Day

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's no secret that I love the music group Pentatonix. I listen to their albums constantly and often have their VEVO playing in the back ground at work. I don't have a favorite member because they are all so special in their own ways but, these two. These two.  Besties from Dallas who love singing together as much as we all love listening.

Honestly, I'm not a super fan of Beyonce's new album. There are some songs that stand out but for the most part it sounds like a more talented Rihanna, not Bey-Bey. At some points it actually sounds like she's trying to have an accent like Rihanna!  Don't even get me started on the actual content of the songs... Ugh.  Nevertheless, this video is a fabulous mashup of all the songs on Bey's new album and it's incredible! Also, Beyonce herself called this video "flawless" on Facey so yeah... kind of a big deal.

In conclusion, I love PTX, the new Beyonce album is "meh" but Mitch and Scott make it "flawless". Watch it on repeat, subscribe, and buy all of the PTX albums and songs on iTunes.


Song of the Day

Monday, February 24, 2014

Grow old with me
Let us share what we see
And all the best it could be
Just you and I

Anyone else think this kid looks like a mix between Austin Butler and Malfoy? I like it.


Song of the Day!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did you see all those exclamation marks? I'm really excited about this one. I've been hesitant to post about San Fermin because I like being greedy with my music. Nevertheless, it's just too good to not share. This song is one of my favorites because of the horns, actually reminds me a lot of Beirut who we all know I love. Full disclosure, she does say the f word. I'm not a fan of cussing to begin with, but I really don't like it in music- it's just so pointless.

I love this song though and San Fermin are very talented. Maybe I can convince my Seattle bestie to go with me to see them in Portland sometime!

PS. Seriously go buy their album.


Song of the Day

Monday, February 17, 2014

If you aren't dancing in your seat after the first 10 seconds I don't understand you.


Dating Woes of the Late Twenties Girl

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm not a big dater.  It's awkward and uncomfortable and those are typically the types of situations I try to avoid.  "But Beth" you say, "How do you expect to get to know a guy and get married and live happily ever after?"  Well my friend, that's a whole other story that we'll save for another time when it's later in the day and I have a glass of wine handy.  For now, just know that when I tell dating stories and say it happened to "a friend", it actually did happen to a friend.  That is not code for me.

So, as I said, I'm not a big dater but I have this one friend who is a serial dater.  I don't think she's paid for a meal in months.  Like, who really has dates on Tuesday nights?! My friend.  We'll call her Karen (simply because I don't have any friends named Karen, I don't think). 

Karen is 28, single, funny, has a good job as a teacher, works out 5 days a week, is very pretty... all of the good things in a person that make you a catch.  Her problem is that she is VERY picky.  I've had some bad dates before and even a few that I had someone call me with a fake emergency so that I could leave early but nothing on the Karen scale.  My favorite is that she didn't call a guy back because he was wearing loafers with no socks.  I'm sorry, what?! I don't even think that's a faux pas anymore- isn't it allowed now for guys? Who can keep track really.  She said he was early thirties, perfectly nice, handsome and he even held the door open for her; but those loafers.  She stuck out the date but never called him after that night and I give her so much crap for it.

I've known Karen for a few years now and she's been a serial dater ever since we met.  It's exhausting to watch, I'm not sure how she has the energy to go out and try to impress someone every night.  Nevertheless she is some kind of a super woman and never gets tired or down on herself when the dates don't go well.  She's 28 so she gets the obvious pressure that all of us single gals get about joining a dating website but she has the same feelings about them as I do- No.  Not for us.

A few weeks back she went on a date with this new guy that she met at a gas station while she was filling up (only Karen could meet a dateable guy at the gas station).  He suggested a fancyish restaurant and even offered to pick her up on the way.  Apparently a lot of guys don't offer that anymore on the first few dates because if it goes bad you'll need your own get-a-way car.  Everything was going great. Appetizers: great conversation- he works at a finance company in town, talks to his parents every week or so and has 2 sisters.  Main course: she might be falling in love- he volunteers at the YMCA during the summer teaching little league football, he was just as indecisive with his major in college as her and he thinks it's cute that she repaints her walls at least once a year because she gets tired of the color.  Dessert: wait, what happened? He excused himself to go to the restroom and never came back.  I'm serious!  She waited for like 15 minutes then actually had to ask the waiter to go in to the restroom to check on him!  Oh my gosh.  Turns out he went up to the bar and paid for his own portion of the meal then just left.  (At least he didn't stick her with the whole bill?)  She swallowed her pride and tried to call him hoping that maybe there was some kind of an emergency that would require someone to leave without saying anything but of course there wasn't.  He didn't answer and hasn't called in the weeks since.

As petrifying as this would be for anyone, it was especially bad for Karen because she was so used to having the power on the date.  She had left in the middle of dates before but NEVER had she just vanished without saying anything and not called!  Poor Karen.  Now she's in a serious funk and is blaming it on her 28th birthday that just happened in December.  She says that 22 yr old Karen just would not have been walked out on, no matter what she may have said or done that apparently made this guy bolt.  I think she's being silly but she hasn't gone on a date since that night.  It's only been like 3 weeks but that's an eternity for her.  Now her mom is even more annoying about signing up for online dating and it's putting pressure on her that's totally freaking her out.

I'm kind of hoping that she reads this and sees how ridiculous the whole story is.  Fake Karen- you are FABULOUS and this guy is a weirdo.  Seriously, I'm more concerned about the fact that you were so enamored with a dude who would bolt from a date like this than the fact that he actually bolted from the date.  Everyone has horror dating stories, it has nothing to do with your age.

I'm gonna need some girl power to back me up on this one.  Help my friend Karen get her juju back!


Death of a Used Car Salesman

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I’m supposed to be blogging about my Kauai trip, so why haven’t I posted in days? Oh, that’s because my life has become an annoying circus of researching cars and dealing with sleezy used car salesmen.  I have pretty specific requirements what I’m looking for as far as type of vehicle, mileage and price.  I’ve been looking everywhere- seriously, everywhere.  It was so much easier car shopping in Houston because there was a different car dealership on every corner and most of them are fairly reputable.  Birmingham however is not like that.  There are only a handful of car dealerships and none of them are connected.  Is it too much to ask that all of the dealerships owned by this Serra character should be able to view what used cars are on each other’s lots?  What the crap is the purpose of having them all be owned by the same person if I have to go to each one individually to try to find a certain car?!

I’ve also been running in to the big problem of dealerships having cars listed online that are not actually on the lot.  I guess they’ve sold but the sales person tells me the car is there and when I show up for a test drive he claims it was “just sold” and instead tries to put me into something completely not what I asked for.  I know my car is out there somewhere because Carmax shows them; it’s just that they’re in Virginia or Tennessee or North Carolina and I’m not putting hundreds of miles on a car the day after I get it.  Here’s what I’m looking for, you can tell me if I’m being too persnickety:

Type:  Compact/mid-size SUV (Honda CRV and Toyota Highlander are my faves)
Mileage: 30k max
Price: Depending on what I get from Allstate, 22k or less
Features: Cloth seats

Really, not that difficult.  Obviously I’m trying to find the newest car possible in that range and so far I’ve come across lots of 2011, 2012 and 2013 models available. 

Let me explain for you my frustration with the sales people I’ve interacted with.  My first car we bought from an individual, next came Troy who we bought from a Lexus dealership in Houston so I’ve never had to interact with anyone who came close to the stereotypical used car salesman persona until now.  I’ve been really good about calling places to set an appointment with a salesman each time I go out hunting cars.  The idea is that it should save me time because they’ll go find what I want to test drive and have it ready.  That hasn’t happened yet.  The first place I tried I wound up not even going because in the 3 hours before my “appointment” 2 different sales people from the same dealership called me to try to get me to meet with them instead of the guy I’d made an appointment with.  Who does that?! The next place I went to, the guy made me wait 30 minutes while he talked on the phone with I don’t know who then didn’t have anything ready.  We finally went out to look for some cars and he kept trying to get me into a Yukon.  Where exactly does Yukon fit into the compact/mid size SUV category.  Right, it doesn’t.  After 2 hours and NO test drives later, I finally escaped.  By the time I got to the next dealership I only have time for a quick test drive of a Toyota RAV4.  Their website said they had some CRVs I could drive but the sales guy said it had “just sold” before I got there.  Riiiiiiight.  When the salesman was asking me about what type of car I was looking for (even though I’d already told him all of this on the phone when I made the appointment) he asked what color I wanted, if I liked Black specifically.  My response, “Yes, I love black”.  I kid you not, his response “I bet you do”.  Then when we get into the RAV4 and are driving around I’m asking him questions- average MPG, accident history, etc.- but he doesn’t know the answer to anything and eventually we fall silent.  He turns up the radio and it’s on a Boyz II Men-R&B-Soul station and the current song playing was super sexual.  At one point I remember hearing something about "nails on his naked back"…. The guy just chilled there humming along.  I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life.  Needless to say I skedaddled out of there as soon as I could.  I’ve gone to 2 other places since there and it’s been the same pushy "I don’t really care about what you want just what I can sell" kind of attitude.  Last night on a whim I decided to stop by somewhere out of the way when I got off work.  I called ahead and the guy pulled out a Toyota Highlander and a Honda Pilot for me to drive.  The Pilot was like WAY over my price range but the Highlander was sort of perfect.  I fell in love.  Except it’s a bit larger than what I really need right now and it a couple grand over my price point.  Part of why I liked it so much is that the salesman I worked with was super nice.  The Highlander wasn’t ready when I got there, it was being cleaned, so I had to wait but this time I didn’t mind.  This guy wasn’t pushy at all and it made things really comfortable.  Frankly, if I’d had my check from Allstate I probably would have bought that car last night.

With my luck it’ll sell before I get my check so I’m still looking, which is depressing.  I’m going to start pulling my hair out if I have to keep working with jerk sales guys like I have been.  Maybe this is a turning point and I’ll only have nice, normal salesmen from now on.  Wishful thinking, right?  Anyways, that’s why I haven’t had time for blogging about my trip.  Literally every moment I’m not at work I’m either researching cars or driving around to different dealerships.


Habitat for Humanity Kauai Trip- Day 7

Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 7
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!
Happy New Year!

Even the rooster crow couldn’t bring me down this morning!  It’s a new year and I’m starting it off with 12 new friends and a day filled with outdoor adventure! I couldn’t be happier. 

This morning Deanna, who was leading reflection, gave each of us 2 slips of paper and an envelope.  On 1 piece of paper we wrote down things that held us back in 2013 or things that we want to move past in the next year.  On the other piece of paper we wrote down what we wanted to accomplish in 2014.  This positive note we then sealed in an envelope not to be opened until New Year’s Day 2015.  The other notes we all put into a pot and set on fire.  I can’t explain it but watching those little notes burn and escape into the universe was so cathartic.  I literally felt lighter and happier than I had in a really long time.

We loaded into the van and somehow made it to the launching point for our kayak trip on the Wailua River.  The kayaking company employee who was there to orient us was, by his own admission, still drunk from the night before so we only barely listened to him giving us instruction.  I think everyone was itching just as bad I as was to get out on the water.  We’d be kayaking a mile or so to a dock where we’ll get out and hike 2 miles up to Secret Falls.  Then after we hike back to the kayaks we’d have the rest of the afternoon to explore the river.

That's my pony tail there in the back

The kayaks were tandem 2 seaters which I’ve never done before but I remember enough of seeing other people to know what to do.  My kayak buddy was Deanna, my fabulous new friend from LA, and we were kayaking pros once we got into a rhythm.  The hike wasn’t difficult per say but the environment gave us some extra challenges.  With all the rain they had been receiving the ground almost the whole 2 miles was thick mud.  The kind of mud that sucked your shoe right off your foot.  

We also had a river and some streams to cross.  A few of us tried our best to not get our tennis shoes wet because we knew we’d have to walk around in them the rest of the day but after one particularly slippery stream crossing where my short little legs couldn’t make the rock to rock hop everyone else was doing, I gave up and just started sloshing through the water.  It was really fun.  Reminded me of when I hiked up a river in Nerja, Spain.  It took a little longer than expected to get up to the falls because we may or may not have gone off the designated path and gotten a tad lost.  We made it though.  The falls were GORGEOUS! It was just one really, really tall waterfall that deposited into this big pool before slowly trickling down a rock bed to form the stream we’d be hiking around.  I was amped from the hike and ready to keep going so I didn’t get into the water.   We stayed for half an hour or so then hiked a different route down to the kayaks.  Once we were all back at the docked kayaks we made our way up the river the other direction than what we came.  It was beautiful! Absolutely peaceful and serene.  Every once in a while (when our arms got too tired) we’d stop paddling and just float.  We spent the next hour or so going back and forth on the river and eventually made it back to the launch site and back into the van.

From here we went to Kapa’a for lunch and to hang out.  We found a restaurant with mediocre food but a 5-star view of the ocean.  Most everything was closed because of the holiday so Deanna and I decided to go sit on the beach (lava rocks) and enjoy the view until it was time to head back home to Ele’Ele’.

Later that night we had our white elephant gift exchange.  Each of us brought a gift indicative of where we were from.  Of course I brought a “Don’t Mess with Texas” tshirt and the couple from New Hampshire got it.  Perfect fit for one of them so Chris better be wearing it all over town!  I got “Clueless” from Deanna (from LA, PERFECT gift).  In fact, I stole that movie from someone else because it wasn’t in my collection yet and it’s such a classic! Confession:  I’ve already watched it twice.

All in all, today was quite possibly the best New Year’s Day I’ve ever had.  I feel rested, ready and eager to get back to the build tomorrow! Side note- Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Habitat for Humanity Kauai Trip- Day 6

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 6
Half day of work today then a Luau tonight to celebrate New Years Eve!  Despite it only being a half day, today was the hardest day of work that I’ve done yet.  Today a small group of us volunteered (we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into) to put up a dust fence.  Kauai Habitat is about to break ground on a housing development of 107 affordable habitat homes.  A whole neighborhood of habitat homes! How wonderful!  The dust fence is up so that none of the gunk from the construction bothers the homes that already exist.
Sure, the work was difficult but it was made even more difficult because things weren’t exactly organized for us to get started work right away.  Once we finally got started working it was a lot of hammering, lifting, weed wacking, digging and so much more.  This fence is HUGE! Luckily we had a tall guy with us on our team so he got up on the scaffolding and did the initial hammering  to that the fabric was tacked at least to the very top of the fence.  In our safety lesson we learned that you aren’t supposed to move scaffolding with someone on it so with each board that he hammered in place he had to climb back down and move the scaffolding another 5 feet.  Still doesn’t sound that hard? Well, moving the scaffolding was just about as easy as pulling a donkey who has decided he doesn’t want to move.

Once the top was in place we had to go back and put smaller pieces on all of the vertical and horizontal cross bars so that the fabric would stay in place when the wind blows.  Problem with that is that the wind was already blowing! It was whipping all over the place and made it really annoying to pull taught and hold in place long enough for someone to hammer.  I’m so short I had to wait until we got down to the bottom section before I could shine.  I only hammered my thumb once!  It was a doozey though and the bruise is just barely still visible.
We stopped for lunch then went back to work until 3:30pm.  Only half of the fence got finished so we’ll have to come back sometime next week I guess.  I liked being out in the sun because the weather was so beautiful!  But that Kauai sun got real hot real fast.

The Luau we went to was at Smith’s Kauai, a little family owned place that boasts the title “Best Luau on the Island”.  I’ve been a luau before with my family on Oahu so this part wasn’t as exciting for me as some of the other people on our team.  And the fact that I’m a vegetarian now made this luau even less exciting.  I knew exactly how incredibly delicious that Kalua pork was going to taste.  They had really good fish though and the traditional Hawaiian macaroni salad was just as yummy as I remembered.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many luaus I see it’s the people you go with who make it fun and I was there with a very fun bunch.  It was one of our team member’s birthday that day so we had fun embarrassing her- made her wear a happy birthday crown all day, even to the work site.  And another brave team member went up on the stage to learn the hulu when they asked for volunteers! Seriously, she’s awesome… I NEVER would have been able to do that!  After we were all stuffed and sufficiently Mai Tai’ed we headed to the entertainment part of the night.  I loooove this part! The dudes with the fire are the best of course.  Since the show lasted so long we were able to celebrate the New Year in all 3 time zones that the team was from.  At 9pm, 10pm and 11pm we all clinked glasses and cheered so loud everyone around us turned and gave us stink eyes.  They were just jealous they weren’t in our crew.

I’m not sure any of us actually made it to midnight our time… once we got home everyone passed out pretty quick.  Tomorrow we’re off for New Year’s Day!  I think our team leader has a fun day of hiking and kayaking planned for us!  I’m really excited about that because I haven’t been able to go kayaking in a long time and you know I always love a good hike.

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!