Mama Bear

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I’ve noticed that in most friend groups there are at least 6 stereotypical characters.  There’s the pretty one, the sporty one, the funny one, the wild card, the introvert and the mama bear (almost the Spice Girls).  You say I’m being silly? Give a real hard look at your friendship circles and I doubt you’ll honestly be able to tell me that I’m making this up.  In smaller groups of friends you may find 1 person fits 2 or 3 of the stereotypes but nevertheless, they’re all there.  Now that a lot of my friends have gotten married and started having babies, some of us have probably shifted our character but in college and before I was always the Mama Bear.

I even dressed as a Black Bear (the best kind of bear) for Halloween one year
I was reminded of that today when I saw one of my bff’s exes posting stupid lovey-dovey pictures on Facebook with his new girlfriend.  I don’t care that normally I love stalking these kinds of pictures, I don’t care that when he was dating my best friend I thought he was the perfect man and I definitely don’t care that it’s been years… I want to rip off his face.  I can’t help it!  Luckily most of my friend’s exes aren’t super active on Facebook so I don’t have to fight my Mama Bear urges too often but whenever something does pop up, watch out.

After my initial anger subsides, I retract my claws and remind myself that lashing out would only hurt my friend and make me look like an idiot.  Not to mention how ticked I’d be if one of them did something like this to me!  Still, there are times I really want to say something since my friend can’t.  Maybe a little photo comment “Wow, her hairstyle reminds me so much of someone we both know circa 2006.”  Or maybe a little “I know who gave you that shirt Christmas 2012.”  If I wanted to be a little less subdued I'd just type "For now" under his photo caption declaring his love for the new girl.

I won’t ever actually be that petty, passive aggressive or ridiculous though so instead I blog and listen to T-Swift.   Not that any of my friend’s exes read this but if you do, don’t worry little fellas.  This Mama Bear will never actually do anything to embarrass you, herself or her friends.  Just know that your current girlfriend most likely has a Mama Bear in her group of friends and that lady may not be as nice as I am. 


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