Black Bean Soup

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Beans are one of my favorite foods.  They’re so neutral but yet they have a distinctive taste.  I’ve always tried to incorporate them when I cook but since I went vegetarian, black beans have become my protein staple.  Now that it’s cold outside I’m on a Black Bean Soup kick.  In my opinion Panera has THE ULTIMATE Black Bean Soup.  It’s so expensive though! The Target by my apartment actually sells Panera soup in jars but that is even more expensive.

A few months ago my Dad got me this new Vegan cook book (he can never remember if I’m vegan or vegetarian- I’m not even going to try to get him to remember pescatarian haha) with a yummy, simple Black Bean Soup recipe.  The only problem is that it called for a blender and I didn’t have one.  Since I’m janky in the kitchen I decided to try to use my food processor and just a pot on the stove in place of a blender.  Of course it didn’t work.  For Thanksmas last week my parents got me to coolest blender so I’m back in the bean soup business! It’s a Cuisinart blender that not only blends, chops, etc. but it also heats! I can literally make soup with one kitchen appliance.  LOVE THAT!

Here’s the recipe, get ready because it’s pretty intense…

1 Red Bell Pepper
2 Cans Black Beans (not drained)
Vegetable Broth (added until soup as the consistency you prefer)

Seriously, you don’t even have to write it down when you go to the store! If my scatter brained self was able to remember these items in the grocery store after work on a Wednesday then anyone can.  I will say that I added some Slap Ya Mama to it because I like my food to kick on the way down.  As simple as the ingredients are, the recipe is even easier!

1. Clean and chop bell pepper.  I, of course, do not chop so instead I just put my bell pepper into the blender first and let it pulse a few times.  Voila! Chopped bell pepper!
2. Add both cans of black beans with their juices.  You can drain it if you want but I like the liquidy part.
3. Blend for just a few seconds to mash up those beans a little bit and mix in the bell pepper.
4. Heat 2 cups of vegetable broth to a boil. Or if you have an awesome blender like I do, just add the vegetable broth and press the boil button.
5. Turn blender on low and add the vegetable broth slowly until the soup gets the texture you want.  I like mine more on the soupy side but with lots of Black Beans still intact.  If you need more vegetable broth just heat up some more, 2 cups worked for me.
6. Add Slap Ya Mama!

Seriously that’s it.  5 minutes and I was scarfing.  I have some individually wrapped sharp cheddar cheese rectangles in my fridge that I needed to use so I cut one of those up and used it as a garnish.  So cheap and it made enough for 4 meals at 1.5 cups each.  I’m about to eat some as my lunch here at work actually! You can go to my Instagram if you want to see pictures since Blogger has decided he doesn't want to work with images right now.

If anyone has any recipe suggestions on this one let me know! There are SO many Black Bean Soup recipes out there, mine was almost too easy! Maybe I’m ready for the next level… maybe.


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