Making friends is hard to do

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It’s hard to make friends when you’re older.  I feel like in high school and college, it was just obvious to form relationships with the people around you.  You have easy connections with people because you all chose to be in the same clubs, go to the same school, be in the same major, etc.  But now it’s like I actually have to work to find connections with people.  What is this?!  I’m very outgoing and am usually the first one to start a conversation with a stranger but lately I keep getting shot down.  Maybe Alabama just isn’t as friendly as Texas?  Probably so.  The only other alternative is that I’m not as funny as I think I am and well, that’s just not true.  :)

I’ve also never really been alone while trying to make friends.  I have a wonderful group of people in Texas that I’ve always been blessed to have by my side.  Even going from high school to college I wasn’t on my own.  I literally didn’t have a single class or lab without someone from my hometown in it until the second semester of my junior year.  And even then I knew enough people in my major that I had someone to sit next to on the first day.  Now, everywhere I go it’s like the first day of school and I’m the lame-o with no one to sit next to.

It doesn’t help that I’m unattached because apparently to many young, southern, recently married girls this means that they don’t have anything in common with me.  I’m serious, y’all.  I actually overheard a few girls (who were supposed to be my new friends) talking about how it was awkward to hang out with me because they didn’t have anything to talk about around me since I was single.  I’ll never forget this, they said “Even if she had a boyfriend we could like go on double dates and stuff but what am I supposed to do with someone who’s alone?”  No joke.  They’re lucky that I had enough decorum to not launch into my you-got-married-too-young speech.

I have lots of married friends who don’t treat me like a pariah and I can’t imagine that they would ever claim to not have anything in common with someone because of their marital status so maybe that’s an Alabama thing too?

I’m a blasty blast so it’s their loss.  I have met some pretty fabulous people here it’s just that they’re still in college.  It’s hard to keep up with college kids! I’m only 26 and I just do not have that stamina anymore.  Let’s be serious, I didn’t have the stamina when I was a college kid.  My self-assigned bed time has been 9pm since junior high and I love it.  My college friends here need to hurry up and graduate then move to Birmingham so we can be fun together.  Until then I’ll keep making a fool of myself trying to talk to strangers and make friends with people I run into during my daily routine.


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