100 miles in 40 days

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I've decided to start out October with a bang!  Running 100 miles in 40 days- yeah, that's either a bang! or a death wish.  If you break it down, it's really only 2.5 miles per day which isn't bad.  It isn't good but it isn't bad :)

I haven't had a consistent running schedule since college and it really bums me out because I know how awesome it makes me feel!  I NEVER thought that I would ever enjoy running or miss it but I really do.  The first 2 or so weeks of running I hate my life.  I curse every step, whine every time I put on my shoes and procrastinate each work out like no other.  But then after I make it past that intangible line in my training, I fall in love again.  At one point during college I was actually running before classes started, lifting weights at lunch and going on another run after dinner!  WHAT?!  It didn't last much longer than a year or so because I stupidly let life get in the way but I'm ready to get back there.  Those endorphins are addictive!

So that's what I'm starting today.  I've run a few times here in Birmingham since the move but the hills here are KILLER! Seriously, they make Texas' hill country look like ant piles.  I have a membership to this little 24 hour gym within walking distance from my apartment so I'll be going there for my 2.5 a day.  After I get to that "happy place" of running I was describing before, I'll probably start doing some longer outdoor runs on the weekends.  Plus the weather will just keep getting cooler and I love running outside in the cold.

Y'all are gonna have to help me stay accountable.  The Queen of Excuses (me) gives you full permission to give me crap if I don't keep up with this!  My personal trainer moved to Hong Kong and my nutritionist lives in The Woodlands so there's no one here to lovingly yell at me when I refuse to put on my shoes.  Big thanks to my beautiful friend Kristyna for giving me this idea :)


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  1. That is such a cool goal! You can do it!