Song of the Day

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm loving this song and this band.  I've been listening to their youtube page all day and when I get home I'm buying their new album on iTunes! (you should too)

Happy Friday!


Mood-telling Soda

Friday, October 4, 2013

Around the office I’ve realized that I can tell people’s moods by what soda they’re drinking.  There is some training event going on this week that I’ve been helping set up and break down so it’s the perfect time to test my hypothesis (like any good science major would do).  Each morning I load up coolers with drinks and each afternoon I note how many are left of each.

Coffee remains the workplace drink of choice so it doesn’t factor into my theory.  You could go ahead and hook some of my coworkers up to a coffee IV.  Water has remained pretty constant too.  Even when people are chugging down liquid sugar, they still understand they’ll get dehydrated if they don’t drink water.  On the other hand, the amount of the different sodas consumed varied greatly as the week progressed.  I’m happy to report that the results confirmed my recent realization so now I’ll share it with all of you (let’s be serious, I would have told you anyways).

Level 1:  Diet Coke- No big problems, just normal work load.  Kind of a casual, I’m still cognizant enough to kind of care about my health kind of day.
Level 2:  regular Coke-  Stressed.  Your day is dragging and you needed an extra boost to get you through.  You’ve lost your inhibitions and just want to get home.
Level 3:  Dr. Pepper-  The crap is hitting the fan and flying directly on to you.  Nothing is going right in the world so you had to turn to the only thing that won’t let you down, the 23 delicious flavors of Dr. Pepper.
Threat Level Midnight:  Mountain Dew- At this point the world should be cataclysmically falling apart around you.  Work is pulling you in a thousand different directions at once, your boss has lost their mind, your car broke down, your cat is sick and your mom was just arrested.

The first day of training everyone was drinking Diet Coke.  Next day, a few regular cokes added in to the mix.  The last day, barely any Diet Cokes were missing but almost all of the Cokes were gone.  There were a few people who had switched over to Dr. Pepper too.  Those they had to bring on their own because I didn’t put any out.  I’m telling you, it’s serious when they ignore the free drinks to pay for their own soda.

Remember, this is at work. I understand many people would have switched to an alcoholic beverage long before Threat Level Midnight if this was outside of the office.   I’ll also say that I know some people live at one level or another.   Now I can gauge someone’s mood before they even get to my cube so I think this is going to be a big help.  Crap, he’s coming to talk to me and he’s on his 3rd Dr. Pepper of the day!  Don’t talk to Susie today…. I saw her with a Mountain Dew this morning.


Song of the Day

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not sure what I was dreaming about last night but I woke up with this song stuck in my head.  I love both versions of this beautiful song.

The Real Deal- The Beatles

My Fave Cover- Evan Rachel Wood in Across the Universe (Bonus- Outstanding version of 'Hey Jude' at the end)


100 miles in 40 days

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I've decided to start out October with a bang!  Running 100 miles in 40 days- yeah, that's either a bang! or a death wish.  If you break it down, it's really only 2.5 miles per day which isn't bad.  It isn't good but it isn't bad :)

I haven't had a consistent running schedule since college and it really bums me out because I know how awesome it makes me feel!  I NEVER thought that I would ever enjoy running or miss it but I really do.  The first 2 or so weeks of running I hate my life.  I curse every step, whine every time I put on my shoes and procrastinate each work out like no other.  But then after I make it past that intangible line in my training, I fall in love again.  At one point during college I was actually running before classes started, lifting weights at lunch and going on another run after dinner!  WHAT?!  It didn't last much longer than a year or so because I stupidly let life get in the way but I'm ready to get back there.  Those endorphins are addictive!

So that's what I'm starting today.  I've run a few times here in Birmingham since the move but the hills here are KILLER! Seriously, they make Texas' hill country look like ant piles.  I have a membership to this little 24 hour gym within walking distance from my apartment so I'll be going there for my 2.5 a day.  After I get to that "happy place" of running I was describing before, I'll probably start doing some longer outdoor runs on the weekends.  Plus the weather will just keep getting cooler and I love running outside in the cold.

Y'all are gonna have to help me stay accountable.  The Queen of Excuses (me) gives you full permission to give me crap if I don't keep up with this!  My personal trainer moved to Hong Kong and my nutritionist lives in The Woodlands so there's no one here to lovingly yell at me when I refuse to put on my shoes.  Big thanks to my beautiful friend Kristyna for giving me this idea :)