I used to be Hispanic

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It’s weird to me to think that new people I meet don’t know that I used to be Hispanic.  Okay, not actually Hispanic of course but I was that tan.  15 minutes, every day, for years.  I’d take breaks here and there but if I started to notice myself fading to white- it was back to the beds.  I loved being tan- LOVED it.  Honestly I think I look sick when I’m as pale as I am now.  I think that’s why I started tanning in the first place.  It wasn’t that everyone else was doing it; none of the girls I hung out with in high school really fake-baked unless it was pre-prom or homecoming season.  I remember coming back from a trip to Galveston my junior year and really liking the way I looked with that summer “glow”.  When it started fading I liked what I saw in the mirror less so I came up with a solution for the tan to never go away.  It’s genius really.

Except for how horribly bad for you UV tanning beds are!  And I wanted to be a dermatologist?!  During college I interned with a dermatologist and every day she would scold me and pull out pictures from her med school text books of skin cancer and age spots.  Sometimes she’d even ask the patients during an exam to lecture me on how they ruined their skin by tanning and laying out with their bodies basted in baby oil.   Didn’t matter what any of them said though, I loved my Jersey Shore-esque tan.  Plus I really love the feeling of being baked (I’m such a weirdo).  Sometimes during the ridiculous Texas summers when it would get to like 110 degrees in my parked car, I would get in and wait to turn on the AC.  I’d spend the first 2 or 3 minutes just sitting in the heat, relaxing for a little bit in the oven my car had become.  It’s seriously the best feeling.  But then the heat stroke sets in and I’d have to crank the AC up to ultra-high.

So why did I stop?  1- That crap got expensive! 2- I became obsessed with the pale goddess that is Zooey Deschanel and thought, if she can do it then maybe I can?! And 3- I am not one of those people who is going to age gracefully.  I freak out every time I find a gray hair (yes, they’re starting already!) and I often whine about the laugh lines on my face.   Yeah, yeah laugh lines are good… they show the world you enjoy life and have fun… blah blah blah I WANT THEM GONE!!!  I’ve never regretted the decision to stop fake-baking but sometimes when I’m getting ready in the morning I miss not having to use bronzer.   I also still think I look better with a tan; it’s just that now I value my long term appearance more than how a tan may make me look when I’m in my twenties.

If you use the beds to tan, I’d recommend giving it up.  So not worth it in the long run.  And if you love to be outside like me, then invest in some SPF.  My skin may be slightly transparent now but it’s easier to spray tan everyone once in a while then to hide dark sun spots on your face with makeup!

Me and the bestie :) No filter here, just years of tanning. I'm even wearing the same sweater!


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