Hunting, not Shopping

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things got a bit out of hand at J.Crew Factory yesterday.  Shopping at the regular versions of my fave stores is already bad because I tend to fall in love with everything I try on but at the outlet/factory versions of the same stores shopping turns into hunting.  I am no longer a lady, I am a soldier on a mission.  My mission?  Get to that dress before the hag across the aisle reaches it. (I’m sure she wasn't a hag… still on an adrenaline high)

Yesterday I was especially motivated because the adorable guy working the front door uber complimented me.  Before even saying “Hi” he goes “Oh my gosh, thank goodness it’s someone who isn’t afraid of color!” (Teal cardi, safety green blouse, black skirt, leopard flats, coral/gold earrings- it worked, I promise) He’s a sneaky little guy… totes knew what he was doing.  After that compliment I was like, Dang- now I have to buy a bunch to prove to him how stylish I really am!  Well played sir, well played.

Let’s be serious though, I didn’t need any additional motivation.  The huntress was on the prowl and the jewelry section was staring right at me.  I die for J.Crew jewelry.  It lives right on the border between you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-gaudy and yes-I’ll-wear-you-daily-fabulous.  And I can NEVER afford the stuff at normal J.Crew so that’s why I flip out at the Factory.  Clothes and stuff aren’t that much cheaper at the Factory unless you catch a special sale.

Enough waiting, here are my kills:

The ones that got away:
Factory ponte dress in velvet dotFactory Olive cap toe pumps

Luckily, the impact of yesterday’s spoils on my bank account is enough to keep me away for a while.  I got wicked deals but I’ve got lots planned for this fall and I really am serious about cutting costs.  I mean, I’m still me though… I couldn’t expect myself to not go to the opening of a new outlet shop so close to me, right? Right. I forgive myself… phew.


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  1. OOooo I really like the jewelry but I don't know that I would ever have the cajones to wear them. I really need to work on accessorizing...

    I get carried away at outlets too.. my weakness in the past has been the Loft (I blame the former teacher in me) but I'm trying to "edge" up my look lately so I'm trending more towards jeggings and stuff at like Express