Farmer's Market and The Nick

Monday, August 19, 2013

I don’t normally talk about my weekends because they’re typically pretty uneventful.  Hiking if it’s not raining, making groceries (as my NOLA family would say), reading if it is raining, and lately- crafting for DG recruitment.  However, this weekend I actually ventured out into the world and interacted with someone other than my dog.

Saturday morning I went to a really great Farmer’s Market with my cousin and his awesome girlfriend.  I especially like this Farmer’s Market because these guys are the real deal.  Like, the people who pull the sweet potatoes from the ground are the people who stand behind the table and take your money.  They can answer any and all questions that newbies like me may have and not treat me like an idiot for asking. Ex: “Why are your squash so much smaller than Whole Food's?”

Plus, my cousin is a chef at a super yummy restaurant in town called Little Savannah and his girlfriend works for The Urban Food Project so I was basically walking around with celebrities.   I bought all the fruits and veggies I need for the week for $27, supported my local small businesses, met some really cool people, and learned how to tell when a peach is ripe all before noon on Saturday!  Very successful. 

Afterwards, Bizz and I went to a really pretty Nature Trail just a few minutes from my house that runs beside this picturesque babbling creek called Shades Creek.  I’ve been wanting to visit this one mountain nearby but decided that hiking an unfamiliar trail with a high chance of rain may not be the brightest idea. 

Saturday night I decided to take my first stab at going out alone in my new town.  (I’m not a big clubber/bar type of person so don’t let it surprise you that I haven’t already investigated the local scene.)  There is this bar a few blocks from my apartment that is kind of infamous in Bham called The Nick Rocks or just “The Nick”.  Sketchy is an understatement to describe the outside but it’s packed every weekend-night and I often see people walk-of-shaming their way home on Saturday and Sunday mornings so to me that means it’s gotta be a good time.

I was just looking to test the waters so I threw on something like I would have worn out in College Station and stopped by The Nick for a quick drink.  There was a really awful band playing but the bartender swore better ones were going to come on later.  It wasn’t as sketchy inside as it looked outside but I’m totes never going there by myself for the whole night.  Also, I'm gonna have to do better recon next time before I go out because I looked like a prissy betch sitting at the bar compared to everyone else in there... and I was wearing Chucks if that gives you any indication as to the crowd.  My goal for the week is to convince someone to go out with me downtown this weekend.  From what I’ve learned in my 4 months here so far I’m sure it’s gonna be quite different from what I’m used to.


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