Bizzy's Free Pass

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My dog has earned herself 1 VERY LARGE free pass.  This free pass is good for no chastisement when she next commits treason in our home.  Pees on my bed? Chews on my one-of-a-kind vintage record player box? Jumps up on the table and eats my veggie burrito? Vomits aforementioned burrito on my bed? (A lot of her crimes happen on my bed apparently) No scolding.  Not even a stink eye.  What did she do to deserve this? She saved my life from a cockroach.

Bizz doesn’t normally catch bugs.  June bugs freak her out and she chases them all over the apartment but she'd never actually get her prissy paws on one of them.  Whenever I’ve been the first to come across a cucaracha in the apartment I scream, run away, then have to buck up and put on my bug squashing shoes.  Meanwhile, Bizzy runs and jumps on my bed and literally puts herself under the covers.  Then when I’m done I have to go over and comfort her until her Chihuahua half calms down and lets the Jack Russell half resurface.  Now can you see why I’m so excited that she actually caught one? I’m hoping she understood my excessive praise right after it happened and is now Bizzy, Cockroach hunter.

I think I actually squealed "and you totally redeemed yourself" during my post-killing happy dance

She didn’t actually kill the beast though… just cornered it and Lassie-style alerted me to the situation so that I could do the squashing.  It was so close to my bedroom.  If she hadn’t caught it, the tiny demon 100% would have crawled it’s nasty self under my door while I was sleeping.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I just shivered.  Yeah, she totes deserves this free pass. 


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