BIG news!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Big news for me at least.  And I bet it’s like death to the generation below me. I cancelled my Internet and TV this morning!  If you know me a little you’re probably like, wow that’s drastic.  If you know me a lot you’re probably like WHAT?! AN ALIEN HOST HAS TAKEN OVER BETH’S BODY AND WE HAVE TO SAVE HER!!!!  Don’t worry… it’s still me, I promise.  Why would my close friends and family react that way? Well I basically watch every show on TV.  During the fall my life revolves around which night of the week my different shows are on.  No, I can’t do anything on Thursday- I’m busy…. Yeah, busy watching Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, The Office, The Mindy Project, etc. (why do so many good shows come on the same night?!) Want to get dinner on Monday? Sorry, I have other plans…. Other plans with Rick Castle and Dr. Temperance Brennan.

I think I’ve just explained why I decided to do this.  I watch too much TV.  It started after college when I was so happy to finally have freedom from homework and has snowballed since.  Plus, I watch most of my TV shows on Netflix and Hulu now and I have an extremely impressive movie collection known as Bethbuster.  My beautiful TV sits there sadly, unused (except for the occasional DVD) collecting dust while I pay $135 each month.  That’s so much money that I could be spending on clothes, trips, a new MK purse or I guess bills.

And cutting off the internet is basically just a casualty by association.  TV and internet are a bundled package so if I were to keep just the internet it would still be $55 a month.  That’s a lot of moula to troll celebrity gossip websites, watch some online TV and life-window shop on Pinterest.  Also, I can do all of those things on my cell phone!  I always make fun of my dad for having an iPhone, iPad, iPod shuffle (or scuttle as he calls it), lap top, desk top computer and numerous TVs in the house with an occupancy of 2.  I realized the other day that on a much, much smaller and less ridiculous scale- I’m kind of doing the same thing.  I have an iPhone (2 actually but 1 is for work only) so I don’t NEED all of the other stuff.  Not when I’m trying to cut costs and there is a restaurant with free Wifi 5 blocks away that I can blog from.

In my new free time I’m going to go to the gym more, read more (since I’m always whining that I don’t have enough time to read), study for the GMAT and hang out with the fabulous new friends I’ve made since I moved here.  What do y’all think… am I crazy?

Dear TV friends,

After many years together I feel we need to take a break.  You all live fabulously exciting lives while I sit in front of a light up box and eat yogurt covered pretzels.  Our relationship is one sided and I just need some time away.  I’ll always remember you fondly and will probably wind up buying your whole season when it comes out next year.  So you see, we will be together again someday.

Until then-



  1. You are brave!! We have thought about getting rid of the TV and just doing Hulu and Netflix, but I don't think I could make it without Internet!


    1. I'm not sure how brave I am but THANKS! The internet is going to be tough but I'm on it all day at work so I barely use it when I get home. The weekends are a different story so we'll have to see if I can manage.


  2. We ditched cable a while back. We still watch too much TV through Netflix and Hulu, but at least it's cheaper. Oh, and if you ever decide you need a show to binge watch, try Orange is the New Black on Netflix. You're welcome.

    1. I've heard about that show and purposely not started watching it because I know I'll get addicted! If it turns into some crazy cult phenomenon like The Office or something then I might have to cave.

      Love you!