Monday, July 29, 2013

So I’m 26 now.  I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time this morning, trying to see if anything was different because for some reason- this birthday feels different.  It’s probably because it’s the first birthday I’m actually out in the world on my own, living by myself in a different state, paying for everything myself and all that adult nonsense.

I remember feeling this way on my 18th birthday as well though.  In a month I was going to be starting my amazing Freshman year at Texas A&M.  There were so many possibilities, so much uncertainty and excitement about what was going to happen and I really did feel different than the day before.  That’s kinda how I feel now.  Sure I’ve made all of these exciting changes recently but now that I’m settled in those changes I can really start living again.  I’ve got 3 trips planned already, I just started as the membership adviser for a local university’s DG chapter, I finally understand why it’s so important to make healthy living a priority, I have a brand new niece to enjoy and each day I think less and less of those old ghosts I left behind in Texas.

Yep.  I definitely feel different than before.  26 is going to be a great year, full of God’s blessings.  I’ll start by going to the gym tonight.  I signed up a couple of weeks ago but have only been able to go once since (hangs head in shame).  In fact, look for photographic proof of my being at the gym tonight on Instagram or I give you all full permission to publicly mock and guilt me. 

Here’s a song I’ve been loving the past week.  Ignore the weird music video.  Sometimes I think artists make their videos extra “out there” so that you’ll be forced to buy the song on iTunes versus suffering through watching the video for free all day.  Either way, it’s a fun song and you should buy it.  Happy Monday!


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