She's Henry Higgins, I'm Eliza Doolittle

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I have this really sweet older lady neighbor who walks her dogs every morning at the same time as Bizzy and I are out.  It’s been a wave and shy “Hello” for the past few months but this week we’ve actually started having little morning chats.  Boy was I missing out before!  Apparently I need to learn how to be a proper Southern Lady and this neighbor has decided she will educate me with a fun tid-bit (and slight jab at my upbringing) each morning. I LOVE it.

Monday we both agreed that Texas is not Southern, it’s Texan… very different.  My next comment to her was that I am from Louisiana and that’s southern, right? She laughed (Alabamians seem to view Louisianans as their Kuntry cuzins… still not worse though than their kRaZy Mississippi uNkLes and aNtS). That was my lesson for Monday.

Tuesday she said that I should really be wearing make-up any time I leave the house.  WHAT?!?! Unless I’m going to work or out somewhere a camera is present, I don’t wear make-up (sorry World).  My mentor slowly shook her head and I could hear her thinking “Bless her heart”.  Apparently a true Southern Lady would never leave the house without a “presentable face”.  Presentable to whom exactly I’m not quite sure but I was too ashamed to ask.  I told her I’d give it a try but I don’t know how long this will last.  Day 2 of my education and I already think I’m doomed to failure. Sigh.

Wednesday was about clothes, I thought I would excel since I basically dress like a combination of Ms. Frizzle and a 50s house wife. False. I need to work on my casual “collection” (yeah, she called it a collection).  From what she’s seen my work clothes are good- should be dry cleaned, but good.  However my t-shirt and shorts after work and weekends look can use improvement.  To be fair, that’s not all I wear outside of the office but I must concede that she has a point.  This morning I wore my infamous study skirt that I’ve had since high school and thankfully she couldn’t see the holes.

Today was fun.  She said that she really likes my hair and that I’ve mastered the height necessary of a Southern Lady’s hair (thank you living in the Delta Gamma house).  My hair is pulled back today in a pony but I’ve fancied it up enough that it’s okay for work.  Noticing this she says “Okay, you’re wearing your hair up today? So this is your 1 hair up day for the week.” I responded my laughing out loud and saying that I’ve worn my hair up every day this week.  She was actually taken back.  Like, wide-eyed stared at me for a few seconds before she could regain her Southern Lady etiquette.  Such fun!  Again, I told her I’d try 1 up-do per week as a rule of thumb going forward.

This has been one of the highlights of my days this week.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!  And I’m pretty sure next week she’s going to start on my mannerisms and big mouth… she’ll lose there.  I want to make her watch the show “Hart of Dixie” on the CW and explain that I am Zoe Hart not Lemon Breeland but I’m having too much fun.  Plus I can appreciate that it may be time for some self-improvement now that I’m in a new place, we’ll have to see how much actually sticks though.


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