New art, DIY style

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My latest craft project is finally finished! I’m such a procrastinator.  I’ve had all of the materials for at least a month but just couldn’t get motivated to get started on it.  The parentals are coming in town this weekend though so the little girl in me is dying to have my apartment all finished before they arrive so I can get their approval, especially since my dad is not at all shy about telling me how crappy he thinks my place is.  He doesn’t understand “shabby chic” or “character”.  If the place doesn’t have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, he’s not impressed- so, boy is he unimpressed with my digs!

I decided to piece a couple of different ideas together to create this piece of art.  I’m totally obsessed with the stained wood/nail and yarn wall décor (see my friend Chelsea’s fabulous creations) but I needed something bigger.  Then I saw this wall hanging at Urban that was a collage of magazine cutouts put together to make a big landscape, when I say big- I mean like 8ft. by 10 ft. big. Bothered, too big and way too expensive.  That’s when inspiration hit!  I already have an awesome mirror from Urban that is framed with a bunch of rolled magazine pieces so I can use the same kind of concept on a stained piece of wood.

From there it was pretty simple and cheap.  I went to Home Depot and got a big sheet of hardwood and had the guy cut it down to size for me.  Then I stained it and cut strips of magazine pages while I was waiting for the stain to dry (and tried not to get high- crap that stuff is smelly!)  I decided I wanted to immortalize Bizzy in a piece of art forever so I tried to blow up a picture that I could use for the shape outline.  Unfortunately she doesn’t stay still in my posed positions well enough so I wound up Googling “Jack Russell silhouette” and found one that looks just like her.  I blew that up in Word so that it would print on 4 pages then cut and pasted the shape together.  Now that the stain was dry I traced my shape in the middle of the board with a paint pen.  Here’s where the only tricky part started- gluing the magazine strips in place and trimming the edges to make the right shape.  It wasn’t difficult so much as time consuming.  All in all this last part took about 1.5 movies or 3 glasses of wine, depending on which time scale you prefer.

Be sure to wear gloves when staining, this lasted 24 hours
I tried to hang it myself this morning so that I could take finished pics with it in place but I just can’t on my own.  I guess I’ll have to have everything else perfect so that Papageorgio can real quick help me hang it then give his approval.   A little disappointing that it won’t be up when they get here but that’s okay.

10 minutes later, Voila!
All Materials:
Hardwood sheet ($10)
1 magazine
1 small container of stain ($6 at Hob Lobs)
Tacky glue
Foam paint brush
Small scissors (have to be able to cut in tight corners)
Paint pen
Frame hanging hooks ($1 at Habitat for Humanity Re-store)

The final product!



  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE this! I would love to do something like this with my pup's face. It turned out so so cute! I'm in love!

    ITB- haven't gotten to write that in a while!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I think Jenny would be a beautiful model for some artwork in your house!