I am so not patient.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today I was at Ross where I found this fabulous two-toned Steve Madden leather purse to replace my beloved mustard and brown Bakers suitcase purse.  I've been looking for months for a replacement as Bakers continues to slowly fall to pieces and this one was perfect!  Only $40 too (gosh, I love Ross)!  Then I get up to the front and there is a hellah long line.  Crap.  I don't wait in lines.  I'll even go out of my way when driving to avoid stopping at a stop light because I hate lines that much.  Whatever, I love this bag and I legitimately need it- so I begin to wait.  Then I hear the conversation that the 2 teen-age girls in front of me were having.

Girl #1 was really upset because she just heard that Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings had died.  Girl #2 asked for clarification and Girl #1 said she heard it on the radio- Gandalf had died in Italy.  Girl #2 said she thought it was some actor named Gandolfini, not Gandalf.  Girl #1 (I swear) then said "Oh good, so Gandalf is still alive."

Um, what!??!!

I lost any desire I had to be patient, promptly turned around, returned the purse to the rack and left.  Despite how humorous I'm sure the rest of their very serious conversation would have been, I just couldn't do it.  Now I'm still working with Broke-down Bakers but at least I got a good laugh during my lunch hour.  I'm going to try again for the purse on the way home, will report back.

My mom would say that this story means that I need to work on my patience and that I should purposely wait in lines to help myself get better with it.  Yeah right mom, I'm not doing that.  It could be worse though... Instead of turning around when faced with having to wait I could be one of those entitled people who forces their way to the front of every line and demands immediate service.  Or someone who complains really loudly so that everyone can hear their impatience.  I think my quiet ridiculousness is much better than in-your-face ridiculous.  Right?

Speaking of patience, I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post!  I've been suffering (impatiently, duh) through Baby Watch 2013 waiting for my niece to be born.  She's FINALLY here though!  I'm flying to Austin this weekend to meet her and am positive that I'll have lots to tell when I get home.

Broke-down Bakers is ready to be retired


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